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Ignition was created to help people make better financial decisions.

Through life-long careers in finance that spanned Australia, the UK, US and India, our founders, Mike Giles and Mark Fordree, recognised long ago that much of the financial advice industry didn’t serve everyday people. And they wanted to change that.

Rewind and they got to know each other personally and professionally many years ago. They followed each other’s careers and often talked of one day doing something together. Finally, in 2014, they were in a position to combine their skill sets and came together at the tech startup coworking space Tankstream Labs, in Sydney’s CBD.

Ignition was formed by bringing Mike’s background in fintech, Silicon Valley and enterprise technology together with Mark’s institutional banking and funding experience. The platform they built was for superannuation fund members and comprised retirement calculators and illustrators.

A couple of years later, Ignition made a significant leap towards greater accessibility by powering the first robo-advice superannuation contribution, investment choice and insurance journeys for Industry funds in Australia. By 2018 our personal digital advice journeys had grown to cover the three key topics of investment, insurance, and retirement.

Over time, much like the advice journeys we build for our clients, Ignition has evolved through continuous improvement, learning and iteration, discovering the key to our customer-centric model: the ability to bring a customer into a single advice workflow in collaboration with an adviser.

Today, our global SaaS platform helps our financial institution clients deliver on their advice vision and help more customers access financial advice in a fast and scalable way.

We are a passionate collective with expertise in:
• financial services
• wealth management
• enterprise software development
• user experience design
• financial cloud; and
• client delivery.

We show up every day ready to help organisations transform how advice is delivered.

With core teams located in Sydney, Dublin, Edinburgh and London, and plans underway to expand into other locations, including Asia, we’re on track to help people make better financial decisions.

The evolution of Ignition

The evolution of Ignition